Ganesh Chaturthi images Different Roops of Ganesh

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Ganesh Chaturthi images: According to Ganesha Purana, there are many different roops of Lord Ganesha. The Ganesha’s incarnations or the manifestations are being worshipped all across India by Tantriks and the priests.

Ganesh Chaturthi images Different Roops of Ganesh

Different roops of Ganesh | Ganesh Chaturthi images

We have enlisted the major different roops of Lord Ganesha, have a look:

  • Bala Ganapati | Ganesh Chaturthi images

Bala Ganapati

As the name suggests, Bala Ganpati is the childhood form of Lord Ganesha. During this form, Ganesha holds a mango, jackfruit, banana and sugarcane with his hands. What do you think this signifies? It shows the fertility and the abundance on the earth. A Modaka i.e. a sweet that is liked the most by Ganesha has been there holded with his trunk.

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  • Taruna Ganapati | Ganesh Chaturthi images

Taruna Ganapat

The Taruna Ganpati has eight arms and is named as “the youthful”. It purely reflects the youth’ s blossoming by the red colour. This form is holding a noose, Modaka, sugarcane, goad, rose apple, wood apple and a paddy scrib.

  • Bhakti Ganapati | Ganesh Chaturthi images

Bhakti Ganapati

Bhakti Ganpati is the third form of Lord Ganesha and is considered to be the very dear one to the devotees. During the harvest season, this form of Ganpati starts shining as bright and beautiful as a moon and the flowers help it get garlanded. His arms hold Banana, Mango, pyasa pudding and coconut.

  • Vira Ganapati | Ganesh Chaturthi images

Vira Ganapati

Being the fourth roop of Ganapati, this form of Lord Ganesha is posed as a commander. It has 16 arms with each arm handling a weapon with it such as goad, bow, arrow etc.

  • Shakti Ganapati | Ganesh Chaturthi images

Shakti Ganapati

Shakti Ganpati is a roop of Ganesha having four arms and his knee has given support to one of the shaktis. It is widely known as “the powerful”. This form of Ganesh Ji is the Householder’s Guard.

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  • Dvija Ganapati | Ganesh Chaturthi images

Dvija Ganapati

Being considered as the “Twice Born”, Dvija Ganpati has four heads and has a moon- like color. This form makes everyone realise the need of urgency striving. It’s arms hold a goad, a noose, scripture of an ola leaf, water vessel and staff.

  • Siddhi Ganapati | Ganesh Chaturthi images

Siddhi Ganapati

The Siddhi Ganpati has been considered as “The accomplished”. It is the true image of self- mastery and success and achievement. His trunk holds a sweet of tasty sesame while the arms hold flowers’ bouquet, mango, an axe and sugarcane.

  • Ucchhishta Ganapati | Ganesh Chaturthi images

Ucchhishta Ganapati

Ucchhishta Ganapati is the culture’s guardian. Being consisted of six arms and blue coloured complexion, he is considered to be the “Lord of Blessed Offerings”. His arms hold blue lotus, japa maala, fresh paddy sprig and pomegranate.

  • Vighna Ganapati | Ganesh Chaturthi images

Vighna Ganapati

Vighna meaning “obstacles”, the Vighna Ganapati is that roop of Lord Ganesha who is considered to be the “Lord of Obstacles”. It is filled up with jewels and has a complexion of golden hue. This incarnation prevents the human with major obstacles and problems in his life. The 8 arms consist of Ganesha’s all time favourite Modaka, bouquet of flowers, discus, conch, an axe, sugarcane and flower arrow.

  • Kshipra Ganapati | Ganesh Chaturthi images

Kshipra Ganapati

The Kshipra Ganapati roop of Lord Ganesha is very handsome and has a colour of red hue. It is considered to be the quickest wishes fulfiller of yours. It consists of a tusk that is broken, a goad, a noose and kalpavriksha tree’s sprig. Apart from these, the commendable roop holds some precious jewels in a small pot.

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So, above discussed are the some of the different roops of Lord Ganesha who is the purest soul of wiping off every obstacle hindering on your ways, driving you away from all the problems and negativities in your life as well as bringing health and wealth in your family.