Great New Year Celebration Ideas 2018

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Some of the Fantastic New Year Celebration Ideas

New Year Celebration Ideas: People usually celebrate the end of the year and celebrate to welcome the New Year with immense enthusiasm throughout the world. The celebrations are not limited to the day but in several nations people keep themselves engaged for several days before and after the midnight countdown.

New Year Celebration Ideas

There are some people who stay at home and try to make the best utilization of the time by viewing the television shows, drinking and having a great feast with family members and friends. There are some people who move out and participate in various activities in huge gatherings which include fireworks.

There are several commonalities in the celebrations but there are cultural specific customs and traditions adhered to strictly in the process. The cultural traditions and customs are transformed from the old to the new generations.

Germany | New Year Traditions in Germany

New Year Celebration Ideas: Berlin plays host to the biggest celebrations of the New Year. Brandenburg Gate is central to midnight firework. The Germans have a tradition of toasting of the New Year with a glass of wine. The is known as champagne. There are also jam-filled doughnuts which are with or without liquid fillings and are taken during the celebrations.

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Several people have dinner for one which is a short English comedy play telecasted by TV stations since the year 1972 and is in the Guinness Book of records for being the most telecasted TV show.

One of the interesting traditions in Germany is BleigieBen in which molten lead is dropped into cold water and the shape coming out of it is utilized for telling the fortune for the New Year.

To touch a chimney sweep or rubbing ash on the forehead is a custom which invites good fortune and health. The making of Speck n Dicken is one more great feature. It is just similar to a pancake. Some people call it an Old year pancake. Its taste differs as per the ingredients which the people utilize.

Berlin is known to have a busy nightlife and the New Year celebrations continue till dawn and several special events are organized by hotels, restaurants and clubs.

Philippines | Traditions at New Year celebrations in the Philippines

New Year Celebration Ideas: The most conventional ritual which Filipinos do on the eve of the New Year is Media Noche. It is a midnight meal shared by the family members. The excitement is in the family unit and the atmosphere is generated for the celebration.

The tradition of feasting is all about nice fortune and hopes for prosperity in the time to come. It is conventional to make noises to greet the New Year. People utilize all kinds of aspects such as banging on pans and pots, blowing car horns, whistling, trumpets, plastic horns and radio at full volume etc.

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The main belief is that these actions make the evil spirits move away and bad fortune. The two other traditions are very interesting. The kids are asked to jump 12 times and believe that it can enhance their height. They wear new and colorful clothes with polka dots or other circular designs is common. It symbolizes money and nice fortune in the time to come.

The tradition in Spain of having 12 grapes one for a nice fortune for every month is followed in Philippines.

There is also a custom to keep the lights on and all the doors and windows open on the eve of New Year to let the blessing in.

To have money in abundance exhibits prosperity. To have money in all the pockets and wallets is customary. There are some people who believe in flinging coins to invite prosperity in the New Year.

Mexico | New Year Traditions in Mexico

New Year Celebration Ideas: Mexico is reputed for colourful celebrations of the New Year and there are many traditions linked to it.

Mexicans have a tradition of decorating their home and party places with varied colours. Every one of the 4 colours utilized in decoration has some importance. The colour red exhibits love and there is some improvement in the lifestyle. The colour green is for financial betterment. The white colour signifies an improvement in health and yellow is for improvement in employment.

The ceremony of cutting sweet bread with coin concealed in dough while baking brings about nice fortune for the New Year to some person who is served with that fortunate coin.

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The most famous tradition is having grapes at midnight. Just when the midnight countdown begins, people have one grape with each of the 12 chimes of the bell and make a wish with every chime.

China | New Year celebration In China

New Year Celebration Ideas: The Chinese New Year celebrations are the most conventional in several means. It is on the basis of the lunisolar Chinese calendar. The date falls between late January to early February and the celebrations last for fifteen days.

The Chinese are reputed for exchanging gifts during the New Year celebrations. They visit friends and relatives with gifts such as candies, chocolates and cakes. These gifts are exchanged between them.

The most vital is a gift of conventional red envelope which consists of money in even numbers. These envelopes are known as Angpau. They are handed by married ones to the unmarried ones. The envelopes are kept under pillows for 7 days and it is the belief that it brings nice fortune.

The homes of the Chinese are cleaned in a thorough manner prior to the beginning of the celebrations and are decorated in a nice manner. The Chinese consume conventional dinner during the time of the celebrations. There are some who avoid eating meat on the first day.

Fish, noodles, chicken and desserts form an essential part of the special dinners. They have a belief in having conventional liquor Jiu for long life. Nice fortune is due to red chillies and for harmony purposes and is a nice item during such dinners.