About Costco

Costco Wholesale is a well-known multi-billion-dollar global retailer that have warehouse club operations in a total of 8 countries.

The company is a recognized leader in its field. It is dedicated to quality in all the area of their business as well as the company is very much respected for its exceptional business ethics.

Despite their large size & explosive international growth, they are continuing to offer a family atmosphere that their employees thrive as well as succeed.

Costco Wholesale is a proud company who has been named by Washington CEO Magazine as one of the top 3 companies to work for in the state of Washington.

Costco is basically a membership warehouse club, who are dedicated to catering their members with the excellent possible prices on quality brand-name merchandise.

With over hundreds of locations across the world, the company offers a large selection of merchandise, also the convenience of speciality departments as well as complete member services, which are all designed to make their customer’s shopping experience the best one.

The very first location of the company was opened in the year 1976 under the Price Club name and it was in a converted airplane hangar on Morena Boulevard in San Diego.

The company originally served only small businesses. But later it found that it could acquire far greater purchasing clout by serving a selected audience of non-business members. The development of the warehouse club industry was off and running with the help of that change.

In the year 1983, the very first Costco warehouse location was started in Seattle.

Costco also became the very first company to grow from a complete 0 to $3 billion in sales, that too in less than 6 years.

When Costco & Price Club partnered in the year 1993, it was operated under the name PriceCostco as well as had a total of 206 locations that generated $16 billion in annual sales.

The operating philosophy of the company is very simple.

At present, as the company emerges, it continues to work sincerely by serving quality that attracts as well as acquire millions of true members all around the globe.