About H&M

The H&M Foundation is one of the independent legal entities without any direct link to H&M Group, functioning beyond the organization sphere. The company has its own team, goals as well as board.

The company’s long-term aim is to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and this resonates along with the H&M Foundation’s focus regions: Planet, Education, Equality and Water. The company also render emergency relief.

The H&M Foundation also wants to give a real impact via partnerships along with ambitious objectives as well as a catalyst for a positive change primarily for people & communities.

Through partnerships with organisations around the world, the H&M Foundation operates on a global scale for systemic change with transformative programs, and in country specific projects to directly address human needs.

The strategy of H&M is completely on 3 guiding principles, namely INNOVATION, INVOLVEMENT and IMPACT.

At H&M Group, the team strives along with AI as well as Advanced Analytics in order to secure a company depending on the innovation & optimised business resolutions. The company combines both AI & human intelligence.

AI is used to amplify our designers’ creativity and our buyers’ decision-making, to boost our manufacturing efficiency, and to help us to align supply and demand. It also helps us to forecast trends accurately, to get the right products into the right stores and provides our customers with the most relevant and customised recommendations and offers.

The company values diversity in ideas and people, the same as the personal style. To have a good mind about people as well as the world around a person renders positive energy as well as builds an inclusive & welcoming workplace.

H&M, as a company, acquires victory as a strong team. They basically have fun as a team. The company has always quoted that they are on an excellent shared adventure unitedly.