About Menards

As a company, Menards® has always been dedicated and responsible for delivering a high-quality Guest service. The company does everything including helping its Guests design and/or calculate projects with its Design-It Centre & Project Calculator programs, helping with an order, answering questions about merchandise or how to do a project, its service to the Guests is the most primary aspect.

Menards® is well-known for doing things right! The strength & success of the company can be seen in the well-stocked & maintained stores, the lowest prices in town, as well as the way Guests are always treated such as family in a local, hometown hardware store atmosphere.

The company was started with a small idea. Early in the year 1958, the farm industry was being revolutionized with more mechanized as well as convenient dairy systems that increased a demand for low-cost agricultural buildings to house stock & machinery.

The founder of the company, John Menard Jr., noticed the need and started to develop a simple idea for a pole building business.

As a medium to help his education, he further decided to turn his dream into a reality.

After acquiring a lot of knowledge in the summer of 1958, John spent his days striving on his first pole buildings as well as his nights working at a local movie theatre while contracting other buildings to keep his crew working.

Dedicated to quality & service, the company carries a complete selection of high-quality, name brand merchandise, tools, materials as well as supplies for all home improvement needs.

The company also provides a number of quality in-house, home improvement brands such as Midwest Manufacturing, Masterforce, Dakota, Grip Fast, Tuscany, Tool Shop, and Enchanted Garden/Enchanted Forest.

Today, the company is recognized as the retail home centre leader of the Midwest along with stores in a total of 14 states.