Pier 1 Imports

About Pier 1 Imports

We all like to inspiring, unique, colourful, creative as well as out of the box things when it comes to decorating our personal spaces. People love discovering or finding out just that perfect lighting, furniture, tableware as well as decor for their home. For all these purposes, there is one stop that lets its customers find every necessity. And the name of the stop is Pier 1 Imports.

The brand is well-known due to certain reasons, one of which is they search out the most gifted artisans in the world, discover as well as develop fashion-forward trends, & handcraft complete products with its customers, particularly according to their preferences and requirements.

It is about publishing the whole new methods of seeing as well as experiencing the home.

Their furnishings, rugs, art and scented candles are created to spark the customer’s imagination, present inventive solutions as well as to reveal more possibilities.

The very first Pier 1 Imports store was opened in San Mateo, California in the year 1962 under the name Cost Plus Imports.

According to the organization’s official history, the original store catered to hippy baby boomers as well as featured love beads & incense.

By the year 1966, it changed its name to Pier 1 Imports. The brand has expanded to 16 store locations, as well as established its corporate headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.

Pier 1 went public on the American Stock Exchange in the year 1970. Later, it joined the New York Stock Exchange in the year 1972. And at this time, it further expanded to 123 stores, posted 100 per cent sales gains for 4 consecutive years, as well as opened international stores in Australia & Europe.

A Pier 1 store in Royal Oak, Michigan acquired annual sales of $1 million in the year 1979.

By the year 1985, the Pier 1 chain increased to 265 stores by the management objective of multiplying that number by the year 1990.