About Staples

Staples has been helping businesses for almost 30 years now & a broken typewriter ribbon has helped them to evolve.

In the year 1985, the founder of Staples, Tom Stemberg, who is also a former supermarket chain executive turned entrepreneur, started working on a business proposal in July while his typewriter ribbon broke. As it was the holiday weekend, both local suppliers as well as stationery stores were closed. He drove from store to store & didn’t find the right ribbon and this is when he realized that the world needs a supermarket particularly for office items.

After 10 months, the first office superstore of Staples was opened for business. Also, the office supplied was more accessible as well as feasible to everyone who required them.

Numerous things have been changed over the past quarter century: from their improved product selection to their increasing number of stores as well as methods to shop to emerging an excellent global company. However, one thing has never changed that is the company has always kept its customers in the first place and they are there to help their active customers.

The company provides products and services to the people. Over the past 25+ years, the company has worked hard to create up a strong brand that customers can easily connect with, trust as well as believe in.

In their earlier days, the company let their customers know that yes, they have got that.

In the starting of 2000, a whole new tagline was introduced- that was easy. The tagline with 3 simple words set the company out of any competition as well as signifying that they are about more than just a selection. Gradually, the company became the easiest shopping experience possible across the globe.

And today, the company live in an extremely busy world where everybody is trying hard to do more- let it be starting a business, working to be the world’s best teacher or to checking off a mile-long to-do list.