Your Privacy Rights

In the recent times many disturbing data mining practices have been reported and the freedom of the open internet has come under fire. Deals and Couponz does not take part in any such activity and we always strive to provide you free and transparent services.

You reserve the right to disable any online service that tracks your behaviour. Cookies are usually used to monitor your activity on a website. You can refuse to accept cookies that any website tries to install by personalizing the settings of your web browser which will allow you to block the cookies. Third party privacy tools are also a great way to disallow websites from compromising your privacy. Deals and Couponz advises you to protect your online presence using the free tools that are easily available on the internet.

As long as you are using a modern browser for accessing internet, you will easily be able to find tools and extensions that can protect you from being tracked by every website that you visit. We only ask you for your subscription details so that we can provide you with updated offers on a regular basis. We make sure that you have one less service to worry about, and our privacy-friendly website ensures that you have a safe and enjoyable surfing experience when you use Deals and Couponz.